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BSI Capital Group is a global Advisory and Investment firm, headquartered in Mexico City. Founded in 2011 by Alejandra Paredones, our Chief Executive Officer, who began with a wealth of innovative ideas about developing a world-class “one-stop shop” built on a strong foundation of passion and commitment to excellence. Her vision was to create a firm that, through our investments, entrepreneurship and social focus would propel generations to come.


Today, BSI firmly believes in, doing well by doing good. At BSI, we apply our 50+ years of experience and strengths as a leading Latin American firm to deliver innovative solutions through our global business platform, unlocking value and propelling growth within our region. We operate with a financial discipline that builds long term relationships while focused on our number one priority: to serve first the needs of our investors and clients.


Financial and Strategic Advisory

Structured Products

IPO Advisory

Private Placements

Financing Advisory

Corporate Finance Solutions


Our investments span in special attention to the HealthCare and Technology Sector. We aim to provide the growth capital for companies to uncover their value and performance, seeking to partner up with Strong management teams, having a a long term approach. We also aim to provide “smart money”, were we seek to become a partner for companies who aim to expand operations into Latin America.

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