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Why did we establish our operative and administrative center in the Dominican Republic?


Contribute to the evolution of the Caribbean as an economic region through projects of high social impact and environmental 
compromise. Offering products and services of the highest quality and managing the creation of values within our company and the society that surrounds us.



Our vision is to be considered and recognized as the leader company within the Caribbean to offer daily products powered by renewable energy, and a trendsetter group in security, investment and project development. 


Core Values

The values that guide our group:
Quality: reach the “Excelsior”
Integrity: act with transparency and lawfully 
Social Value: compromised with the society that surrounds us
Passion: fully compromised, with our heart and mind
Collaboration: incentivizing group work and collective competitiveness
Diversity: counting with a plethora of products and services 
Service: offering products and services that fulfill the necessities and expectations of our clientele 

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