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Ecodry is the most efficient face mask on the market when it comes to bacteria filtration, superior to FFP2 and FFP3 ones, according to a report issued by the reference lab Eurofins Scientific.

With the arrival of the pandemic originated by SARS_COV2 in 2020, we decided to direct all our resources to the manufacture of protective textile materials: complete kits for healthcare workers and face masks for the public.

In response to the durability of the virus on certain surfaces, our scientists and technicians focused their efforts on reducing COVID-19 lifetime on protective fabrics, also acting as real shields against the virus.

Ecodry is the result of all this research, work and involvement with society. The fabric of the future for the healthcare system. A textile product capable of finishing with COVID-19 in less than 2 hours. A real revolution for our health.

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