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Grid Free Power


Lumi•Solair can provide clean power for any off-grid application such as telecom towers and backup power for traffic lights.

Telecom Applications 


Lumi•Solair's solar solution for telecom towers has been designed to produce a payback period less than three years in diesel and O&M savings. In addition, unlike competing solutions, it will not involve an ongoing battery replacement cost every two years. Lumi•Solair in partnership with TVS ICS and Ascend telecom, installed a trial solar telecom site in Boomipukkam in Tamil Nadu, India in July 2012. The site has a single tenant with a total grid downtime of 10 hours per day during weekdays and lower during weekends in four hour intervals. Occasionally the electrical grid on the site was down for 12 hours a day. Test data shown below shows negligible diesel generator usage in July and August after the solar system was installed.


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